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  • October 20 2020
    Diamond Lottery Winnings!

    Stainless won the lottery jackpot of 61 diamonds. Congratulations!
  • October 19 2020
    Special Halloween Items will be added to the Streets tonight after midnight.

    You will be able to find Halloween Candy and a Pumpkin.

    The Candy will refill 90% of your Brave.

    The Pumpkin will increase your Strength, Agility and Guard by 200,000 points each.

    We will be holding a Buy One Get One Free Sale in the Game Store on selected items, starting on the 29th at 6PM through the 2nd at 6PM.

    Don't miss out!

  • October 19 2020
    Lottery Winnings!

    Juggalo Josh OG won the lottery jackpot of $11,343,750. Congratulations!