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  • October 28 2014
    Diamond Lottery Winnings!

    Chief420 won the lottery jackpot of 818 diamonds. Congratulations!
  • October 28 2014
    Hey All,

    We are kicking off the Halloween celebrations here in Blood Hustle right now!

    Until the 2nd of November all packs in the Donate Now section are Buy One Get One Free!

    You will also find available the Rocket Launcher (RPG) and the Space Armor which are the best weapon and armor in the games respectively, and only available from time to time.
    These two items are not included in the Buy One Get One Free Offer.

    We have added two special items to the streets, the Halloween Candy and Pumpkin.
    They both increase your Strength, Agility and Guard, the Candy by 40,000 points each and the Pumpkin by 60,000 points each.
    As well as these items you will also be able to find Will Potions on the Streets.

    We are crediting everyone with 30 extra turns for today!

    You also find 3 new Premium Properties for sale at the Repossessed Property Auctions for sale with no reserve!

    There is more coming over the next days so keep an eye on the Announcements!

  • October 26 2014
    Hey All,

    We would like to apologise for the down time on the game over the last couple of hours.

    We encountered some unexpected issues which took us a little while to resolve.

    We are back up and running now!

    Again, our sincere apologies.